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This course will examine various available data sets of various oceanographic parameters from near shore environments in the mid-Atlantic bight, a region important to the ecology and economics of Maryland and neighboring states. The goal is to have students to investigate and research existing pertinent oceanographic data from the region, for integration into a synthesis/review paper, to coalesce data from disparate sources.

The course will consist of background lectures, discussion of papers, hands on use of websites and software to access oceanographic data, and group project based analyses, writing assignments and oral presentations. The goal is for students to analyze and interpret specific data components of interest, to collectively as a group, produce a synthesis of various physical, chemical and biological oceanographic data in the form of a synthesis/review paper focused on Southern Mid-Atlantic Bight.

The course will expose students to different methods of analyzing data sets obtained from various platforms including CTD, Glider, Remote sensing and other platforms.