This course is a newly revamped introductory course in Environmental Toxicology designed for students new to the subject and students with some background in the discipline. For now no course prerequisites are being set, although it will be useful if students have at least some chemistry background. The course will serve as an introductory course for the Aquatic Toxicology course, and the two courses will be offered in alternating years (or perhaps alternating semesters depending on demand). The course is constructed around my textbook, Environmental Toxicology published in 2002 by Cambridge University Press. My co-author for this textbook is Professor P.M. Welbourn of Queens University, Ontario, Canada. The course, like the book takes a tiered approach to the subject. It begins with an introduction to dose-response and bioassays at the whole organism and molecular level, and moves on to a consideration of the many biotic and abiotic factors that influence toxicity. The first part of the course concludes with a synopsis of toxic endpoints at the population and community level. We then deal with specific classes of environmental chemicals and the toxic threat that they pose in the environment and move on to more complex issues associated with energy production, climate agriculture and paper manufacture. The course concludes with lectures on risk assessment and regulatory toxicology.