The MEES 601 Applied Environmental Science (AES) course is the only required course in the MEES Curriculum.  It is intended that all MEES students take AES in their second semester, after having taken a Foundation course in their first semester. 

The AES course has been designed to promote an appreciation of interdisciplinarity in natural and social sciences and to provide exposure to how science can influence and inform ongoing policy and management debates.  The course addresses the role of science and scientists in providing information to policy makers and managers on complex environmental challenges.  The course will provide training in how to work in interdisciplinary teams, using a range of synthesis and analytical approaches.  This will culminate in the development and oral presentation of a report that analyzes and evaluates a current complex environmental challenge that requires an interdisciplinary approach for progress to be made.  The course will also train students to critically evaluate and review the reports prepared by their peers and together with an expert panel of stakeholders understand their management and policy ramifications.